A downloadable game for Windows

“Legion Fall” is a 3rd person, historical-fantasy game, where the player fights barbarians while exploring a mysterious valley to find the Legion’s lost messenger.

The project is an ambitious game created by our team of 7 over 3 months. It delivers 15min of gameplay with 4 levels, 4 unique enemies, melee combat, equipment upgrades and narrative cinematics.

Version 1.2 Released!

Launch Trailer

Beta Gameplay - Part 1

Designed to be played with an Xbox Controller.

PC, PlayStation and game pad compatible but different control mappings.


Saxon Hutchinson - Designer

Thomas Wooster - Programmer

Sarah Staley - Artist

RJ O'Sullivan - Artist

Robert Dickson - Artist

Aaron Lalor - Artist

Chris O'Neill - Artist

Andrew Waddell - Audio

Alfred (Yoni) Quai - Audio

Additional Work by:

Blayne Cuzner

Meg Groeneveld

Jonathan Hosking


LegionFall V1.2.zip 1 GB

Install instructions

1. Download the Zip file

2. Extract the Zip file

3. Run "LegionFall.exe"


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i always wanted to kill some barbarians while looking cool

Fantastic play-through and review by Doodskillz from Cecidet

Not bad. The forest and the swamp look great. Needs a little work but overall it is not bad. Good work!

Great video! Thanks for the feedback.

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great jobs

Thanks very much, we appreciate the video! It really helps to see how people play so we can make improvements.

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:D ..yes think balanced need this fix..:D but beauty rome